Top 10 Best Forehead Thermometers 2024 {#3 is Most Reliable}

Everyone loves their kids. A small baby of few weeks or months only cry and can’t tell you about his/her health.

For such babies you need to be cautious in health perspective. Seeing your child crying due to fever is a heartbreaking moment and get you in an anxious situation. So do check the temperature on a regular basis.

A thermometer is used for measuring the temperature. If you feel suspicious that you or someone you care about is sick then don’t panic, pick a thermometer before rushing toward a doctor and spend money. That’s why keep a thermometer at home but which thermometer is best and provide more accurate readings.

The Good thing is now the thermometers is very easy to use and some many featured with an alarm and start beeping when the temperature hit the fever level. To help the parents we compile a buyer’s guide along with the best thermometers 2019. But first have a look at some types of thermometers so it becomes easy for you to pick one.

Best Forehead Thermometers 2017

Quiz: Who invented thermometer?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was a German physicist who invented this great thing.


Types of Baby Thermometers

Rectal Thermometer:

It is the best thermometer and provides you more accurate results than the other types because it measures the core temperature of the body while other presents approximation of temperature. Using this might be uncomfortable for the kids and also a bit awkward while using it. Moreover, there is also more cleaning mess. But using this for a baby having age less than 3 year is good.

Pros: Shows more accurate readings

Con: Inconvenient and uncomfortable

Temporal/Forehead Thermometer:

The latest type of thermometers. These are also known as IR thermometer as these are equipped with infrared technology. There are two forms of this non-contact and skin touch. It can show the results very quickly. Moreover it is very comfortable as you just have to point over the forehead and that’s it. And it doesn’t require physical touch to the skin just point near the forehead. It is very comfortable to kids and you don’t need to disturb the sleeping child as it happens in the rectal thermometer.

Pros: Comfortable, Fast & accurate

Cons: Expensive than the others

Oral Thermometer:

Determining the temperature with this digital oral thermometer is very easy. Just put it under the tongue and when it beeps remove it from the mouth. These also show the satisfactory level of readings. But the problems with this type that a small kid of nearly two or three years may not cooperate and thus there are greater chances of inaccurate readings. Moreover, if the kids drink or something cold or hot then wait for almost 10 to 15 minutes to take the reading.

Pros: Reliable readings if used correctly, good for above 4-year age children’s.

Cons: Babies may not response you to place it under the tongue

Axillary Thermometer:

Also known as armpit thermometer. You have to put it under the armpit. It can easily be used even for the newly born babies. But here keep in mind this the least accurate type.

Pros: Cheap, Easy to use

Cons: Least accurate

Ear Thermometer:

For getting the reading with this just put the tip of the thermometer in ear. This might not be suitable for smaller kids having age under 1 year because of tight ear canal because inserting it might hurt them and cause frustration.

Pros: Quick and almost reliable readings

Cons: It might show deceptive readings if not properly positioned, not fine for kids below 1-year.

Pacifier Thermometer:

Pacifier seems the suitable type of thermometers. These also have some convenient features like a beep and fever alert etc. But the reading of these are not reliable so try to avoid from these.

Pros: Convenient for babies

Cons: Not accurate readings and shows inconsistent readings

What to Avoid:

You may hear about the thermometer with mercury because these are the oldest and common type. No doubt these present worthy readings but it takes the time to measure the temperature and so it might be difficult to use this for infants. Moreover, it’s a bit hard to read the results. Because these are made of glass so fragile in nature and the mercury that it contains is a toxic material. So try to avoid these.

Pros: Cheap and reliable

Cons: Contains poisonous material, Slow, Easily breakable, Difficult to read

Which type of thermometers for babies Suits best: For infants below 3-year rectal type is a good choice because it presents the most accurate readings. But the kids of higher age (> 3) don’t like to put a thing in their rectum. We suggest you go for forehead thermometer as these are comfortable for all regardless of age and also spectacle reliable readings.


How to Calibrate Thermometer?

First of all the question is why calibrate thermometer? The answer is simple, to make sure that it take the temperature accurately. The manufacturer calibrates them but we think thermometers should be calibrated by the users also because an unclean or a little damage can affect their accuracy. Here follow how to calibrate a digital thermometer using ice water?

· Fill the pot with water and crushed ice and keep it blow almost 1 inch from the top.

· Stir it adequately and then let sit down the mixture

· If you have a non-contact infrared thermometer, then point it over the mixture similarly when determining the forehead temperature. In the case of the infrared thermometer which requires contact keep it very close to the mixture. Avoid immersing the sensor because this may damage the sensor. Moreover, don’t touch the device with the sidewalls of the container/pot.

· If it shows 32 F (0C) then it means the thermometer work accurately. In the case of the device which requires contact for measurements you may see slight variation because these take the readings when in contact but while calibrating you made no contact so that’s fine.

If you did the thermometer calibration properly and still there is variation then keep in mind the difference while taking the baby temperature.

Now here is the buyer’s Guides which helps you that what to look while picking up the thermometer.


The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Forehead Thermometer 2019

Is it Reliable?

One of the most important factor. Because if you bring the wrong thermometer that shows incorrect results then it is useless and it means you wasted your money.

A sign of good and reliable thermometer shows consistent readings. But a fluctuation in readings means that it is not performing well so try to avoid devices reputed bad. That’s why we came up with the best thermometer reviews.

Fever indication:

The digital thermometers come with various features and one of them is the fever alert. The device beeps several times after detecting fever. Moreover, some devices also show the color as per the certain temperature level like screen turns red when it detect fever level temperature and turn green when normal.


The thermometers must be cleaned after using. Almost all the digital thermometers are very easy to clean except the rectal as it causes more mess than the others. If you did not properly clean the device then it will not only show inaccurate temperature but also spread the germs. That’s why priority must be given to this factor while choosing the best thermometer for baby.


Some devices featured with backlit in the meter which helps a lot in the middle of the night.

Built-in memory:

A thermometer with internal memory is helpful in determining the temperature to determine whether it is going up or down so no need to write down on the paper manually. In this way you can remain proactive about your baby health. Whenever you take the reading it will automatically record some readings in its memory.

Long Battery Life:

No one likes to change the batteries after every one or two weeks. It’s really a headache. So, select a thermometer that consumes less energy.

Temperature Scales:

A thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius is good because it can save you from possible confusion. Fahrenheit is being used in the America while Celsius is very common outside the America. But if your thermometer support only °F and you belong to the country where °C is common then by keeping in mind just normal temperature in °F you can easily avoid the confusion.

Time take for measurements

The infrared thermometers are very quick in taking the readings and usually takes upto 1-3 sec to display the results. This is great because measuring via a slow device could be difficult. Like if the baby is crying then it becomes difficult to take the readings. So it is necessary that a thermometer measures the temperature quickly.

Other Advance Optional Features

Now in the market there are thermometers available which connect with your smartphone by installing merely an app. The reading comes into your phone screen and thus enable you for continuous tracking. We don’t recommend those models which solely work with the smartphones because an unstable app may lead you to misleading readings.

Best Forehead Thermometers Reviews 2021

1. Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

innovo forehead and ear thermometer

This Innovo model is not only easy to use but can take accurate readings. If you don’t want to use a rectal thermometer then this one is a good solution. It has dual mode feature and what does that mean? It means with this device you can determine the temperature in two various ways.

First is forehead and the second is through ear drum. Here we advise that do not insert probe tip into the ear of the kid age less than 1-year because the kids of this age have small ear canals and so inserting thermometer tip is very risky which can even damage their ears. So use forehead thermometer which is suitable for all.

The use of this device is pretty simple. For using forehead thermometer press and hold the F1 button on the device and swipe slowly over the forehead to the next end and then release the button. Make sure that it touches the forehead. The readings come on the screen within a sec. Sweating on the forehead may lead to inaccurate reading so clean it before using. If you want to take multiple readings to ensure the accuracy then take each reading at least after 10 sec because we experience inconsistency when measuring without any pause.

When you want to use it in the ear ( for greater than 1-year kid) then just remove the front end cap. After that softly pull up the ear and then insert stick in ear and press F2. It will take a sec and shows the temperature. Here keep in mind that temp may vary on different parts of the body so there is a chance that ear temp is slightly higher than the forehead. Remember to clean the sensor for accurate readings before every use. Use a cotton swab soak it in rubbing alcohol then remove the device front cover and twirling that cotton swab on the sensor.

The Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer can measure in both Fahrenheit and Celsius which is good if you belong out of America. For switching between these, when the device is off (blank screen) just press and holds the F2 until you see blinking °C/°F. Then again press F2 to change the temperature unit. There is also visual and audio fever indicator. When it detects temperature over 99.5 °F / 35.5 °C it will sound short beeping that’s great because you don’t have to remember the normal or high temperature ranges. Also screen turns into red and starts blinking.

The 2 AAA batteries (included) power the device and don’t worry it lasts long. The thermometer can store upto 20 readings and so no need to remember the previous readings. Moreover, it is approved by FDA and CE. The design is ergonomic and proves easy to hold. The company shaped the device in such a way that help to reflect the environmental infrared. This might be other reason for its accuracy. The thermometer does not contain mercury so it’s safe.



  • It can measure in both °F/°C
  • Dual function (Forehead and Ear)
  • Accurate, Reliable and hygienic
  • Approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the US) and CE (Conformité Européenne)
  • Auditory and Visual indication for fever
  • Long lasting battery
  • Easy visibility on built-in screen with backlight



  • The sensor is very sensitive and a bit of dirt can cause inaccurate readings but this can overcome by cleaning before every use
  • You can’t turn off the beeping which sometimes disturbing like at night when all are sleeping

2. iProvèn DMT-489 Medical Ear and Forehead Thermometer

iProvèn DMT-489 Forehead Thermometer

Another one of the best forehead thermometer which is also approved by FDA. It also has dual functionality whether to use its forehead function or uncover the probe and put the thermometer in ear.

Again we remind that don’t insert the probe tip into the ear of the baby having age less than 1-year due to their narrow ear canals. And one thing, it is very fast so displays readings very instantly right after you release the button. Moreover, you can retrieve 20 past readings which help you to keep an eye on the baby temperature trends.

You can switch between °F and °C effortlessly. When the screen is blank (shut off), then press and hold the “ear” button until it shows temperature units. Again press the button to select the scale. The appliance comes with two AA batteries just remove the power saver and it will ready to use. The long lasting battery can take upto 3000 measurements. When you leave the device untouched for 10 sec it will automatically turn off to save the energy. Moreover, it is also a good thermometer to check the room temperature. For this press down the “ear” button and make sure that the sensor is 3ft away from any object in the room.

Cleaning the thermometer is very necessary because an unclean device may misguide you. So make sure to clean the sensor. Here note that you cannot immerse the device in water for cleaning because it is not waterproof. For cleaning just moistened a cloth piece with water and then use it over the sensor. And when it’s not under use then don’t throw it over the side. You have to store it properly to protect its sensor as well as the device. So pack it in case after using.

There is no doubt of its accuracy but when using a forehead thermometer always keep in mind the slight difference which is normally half or one degree. Like if it shows 103 Fahrenheit then may be in actual it is 103.5 or 104°F. It is a minor difference so you can trust on the thermometers. Moreover, in all type of thermometers positioning is imperative because if you are not using the device correctly then there is a huge difference in readings. So for usage instruction read the “manual” that come with almost every device. This helps a lot to position the thermometer correctly.

iProvèn DMT-489 is very convenient for all just make sure not to use ear tip for less than one year age kid. The LCD with a backlit make it possible to read in the dark. It will also indicate the normal and fever level via turning the screen green and red respectively. You can also enjoy 100 days refund policy that make your purchase secure. This thermometer is great that includes all the essential features and most importantly take the accurate readings which is a core feature.



  • Automatic turn off after 10 sec leisure
  • Decent display with backlit and also visual fever alert
  • FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration in US)
  • It can store last 20 readings
  • Dual function forehead and ear with high accuracy
  • Not satisfied don’t worry you have 100 days asking for a refund
  • Two various temperature scales (°F/°C)



  • Beeping is not under your control so be careful when all are sleeping
  • Highly sensitive sensor sometimes cause incorrect results like if you wear a hat it will warm your ear and forehead and thus inaccurate readings. Moreover, the open environment may also cause misleading. But these problems can be overcome by precautions like take off the hat and take a reading after almost 30 minutes and using the device in the closed room. But keep in mind that high sensitivity helps to produce accurate readings.

3. Clinical GM-200F Forehead Thermometer – Generation Guard

Clinical Forehead Thermometer GM-200F

The generation guard did its job well and designed an excellent and ergonomic device. We really very impressed with the design. It is non-contact thermometer just point it between the eyes and keep almost 1-inch away from the forehead. The button which is used to take the temperature is present mostly on the front side but this one has at the back side which makes it super easy to press when you are going to take the temperature. It’s also very fast and takes the readings within a second.

The green backlight looks awesome. The best thing about this epilator is the ease of use. Like the other thermometers in the market where you switch between various settings by a single button which may be difficult to learn at the start, this generation guard device has different dedicated buttons. You want to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit just press the “°C/°F” button.

Another cool feature is that it has various modes. By using these modes you can take the temperature of the baby, room as well as the bottle. To change the modes button “M” given below the LCD just press the button. You will see a symbol of the active mode like home symbol shows up when you select room mode. You can also take the temperature of the baby bottles. This is great to make sure that that how hot or cold the milk or other mixture in the bottle before giving it to your child.

Another very genius feature is the speaker button which is also present right below the LCD. This helps greatly when taking the temperature of the sleeping baby especially in the middle of the night. Many thermometers lack this feature while in some thermometers you have to read their instruction manual to turn off the sound. But in this thermometer you just have to press the speaker button to on or off the beeping.

It can store upto 20 readings which is fantastic to keep track the temperature. It will automatically shut off after 30 sec when placed idly. Moreover, it requires little cleaning because it is non-contact. But do clean for accurate readings. It is approved by FDA, equipped with hospital grade accuracy and can be used for babies and adults. It also has plenty of good reviews. With so many features they also offer 30 days refund policy and 1-year manufacturer warranty. It’s great a product and we recommend it without any doubt.



  • A very easy to use device with good looking design
  • A non-contact device thus decreasing the chances of germs
  • Medical grade thermometer with accuracy and also FDA approved
  • Very quick and can store 20 readings in its memory
  • A backlight helps to operate it at night
  • Full silent mode is fabulous option
  • 2-temperature units



  • Due to non-contact it got more sensitive sensor so a bit dirt can hinder the correct readings. But this issue is not so serious because by cleaning you can overcome it.
  • So far we found it a well packed device with a very reasonable price.

4. Dr Madre H&PC-43898 Talking Forehead Thermometer

Dr Madre H&PC-43898 Talking Forehead Thermometer

If you are looking a thermometer for baby and adult which characterized with some advance features then here is Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Thermometer. It can take the readings without actually touching the skin. Turn it on with the power button on it and point it to the forehead then press the “scan” button. It will take the readings within a sec. As this is a non-contact device it means there are very low chances of germs dispersal. It is a talking thermometer. Yes, it is. It will tell the temperature after every scan. There are two languages English and Spanish and you can select from these anytime.

You can put the thermometer in silent mode which makes it a great choice especially when choosing a thermometer for baby. Because when there is night, then bit noise can disturb the infants and others who are sleeping. For activating the silent mode turn off the device then press and hold the “scan” button for almost 10 sec until ON or OFF shows up on the screen. After that just push the button again to change the modes then you will hear a beep and that’s it. Here note that silent mode cannot turn off the “beep” that you heard at the completion of each scanning.

You can also use Dr. Madre thermometer to check room temperature. At the side of the device you can see the slider just slide it down and there you go. Then turn the device ON and when you see a House symbol on the screen it means now it is ready. Also you will see a blinking temperature scales at the same time. It’s a pretty easy to operate and you never face any difficulty. Moreover, don’t forget to read the user manual for proper practice.

The screen size is large enough to read the temperature. Dr. Madre requires 2-AA batteries (included) to power ON. The device comes in a nice plastic box which also has a place for keeping the 2 spared batteries. Furthermore, it also has 60 sec auto shutoff to save the power. After using put it in the case to protect it from dust and damage. Dr. Madre can recall the 12 readings and also automatically shows the last temperature when turned on.

The company also offer a 2-year warranty. The device is pretty accurate and also have tons of good reviews but still if you found it unfair then feel free to ask for a refund. They offer 30 days full refund period. Although it is non-contact still you need to clean it before measuring the temperature for obtaining high accuracy.



  • Non-contact thermometer technology
  • Cleared by FDA
  • The speaking mode is very helpful for those having weak eyesight
  • Thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Can measure body as well as room temperature
  • Fast, reliable and easy to use
  • Can store upto 12 readings in its memory
  • 30 days hassle free money back guarantee & 2 year warranty Manufacturer defect



  • You can turn off its talking mode but not the beeping.
  • It is not a 2 in 1 (forehead + ear) means like the many other thermometers in this price tag. But if you are searching the best forehead thermometer then it means you are considering ear function as optional.

5. Easy@Home 3-in-1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Easy@Home 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

When it comes to the feature rich best-infrared forehead thermometer, then how we forget to mention the Easy@Home thermometer? You can either measure the temperature of your cute baby or the beloved adult kids. First of all the packing is very nice, and the other thing that the device is placed in a nice plastic made protective case which keeps it hygiene and safe from damages.

So how it is 3 in 1? With this device you can take the temperature of the various places such as surface, body and room by selecting the respective modes. If you choose the body mode then just point it to the forehead and keep it away from almost 1.2 – 2 inch because it is a non-contact device and then press the button. It is quick, accurate and also approved by FDA. On the large screen display you can easily read the temperature.

The thermometer has the beeping feature and alerts you when the sensor detects fever. Moreover, the display screen visually tells the normal and fever status. When the thermometer infrared detects that the temperature is normal like <99.1°F, then screen turn into Green. For mild temperature which ranges 99.3°F to 100.2°F the screen turns orange. And when it detects the high fever the screen turns red. Another thing is the silent mode button. By pressing the button given at the side of the thermometer you can disable the beeping which is good when taking the sleeping baby temperature.

Using this device is very easy because it has dedicated buttons for various features. By pressing just a button you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The easy@home device can store a huge number of readings in its memory. You can recall the 32 measurements taken by pressing “MEM” button. This is nice because when your baby has a fever and taking the medicines you can easily keep an eye that either the temperature is increasing or decreasing.

It uses 2 AAA batteries to perform the functions. And don’t worry about the battery changing headache because it offers handsome longevity and so you can take upto 40,000 readings. Moreover after 30 sec it automatically turns off to conserve the power. The company is very much confident about the product quality and that’s why they offer a lifetime guarantee for replacement. Also it receives plenty of good reviews by hundreds of verified customers.



  • Offers Easy to use experience with dedicated functional buttons
  • A non-contact infrared thermometer
  • Meets the standards and approved by FDA
  • Can store 32 temperature readings taken
  • Audio fever warning, Visual Tri-color backlight alert
  • Long lasting battery timing
  • Mute mode to avoid interruption when using on sleeping baby
  • Support both °F and °C



  • You can turn off its talking mode but not the beeping.
  • The infrared thermometers are very delicate especially the non-contact devices. So you need to take much care of their cleaning before taking the temperature. But also keep in mind cleaning is crucial in every type of thermometers for accurate results.

6. Temporal Artery Thermometer TAT-2000c 

Exergen Temporal Thermometer

The nice, well-featured and simple exergen forehead thermometer does well its job. Unfortunately the previous does not contain backlight but this model includes soft orange color backlit to facilitate the user in the dark. Moreover it is a slighter cheap than the others while adding all the essential features. The Exergen temporal thermometer has a cap on the sensor which keeps it secure from any damage. Just take it off when you want to use.

The cool thing about this thermometer that many other devices miss is the programmable beeper feature. This function enters you in a complete silent mode. Many moms complain that the audio is disturbing for their child when they are sleeping. So in this device you can turn off the beep. When the screen is blank, tap the button for almost 10 times and you see “loud”. After that hold down the button until it shows “Shh”. That’s it.

This Exergen model has dual temperature units. So if you belong to the country where Celsius is common then this is a useful option for you. By default it is in °F but you change it into °C. For this, when it off then starts tapping the button for almost 9 times until you see F-C. After that hold down the button and you hear a beep. You can also see the selected unit on the screen. The thermometer also alerts you for high and low temperatures.

Ther Exergen Tat-2000c can store maximum 8 readings which are enough to measure the trends of your cute toddlers, infant and others. Just start the device and tap the button to scroll between the readings. Moreover, you will see “M” on the screen which shows you are viewing memory readings. It requires a 9-volt battery for power which comes along with it. As it’s consumption is very low so this battery is sufficient to provide the power for more than a year and can take upto 7500 readings. Moreover, the device automatically turns off when it is idle for 30 seconds.

We always suggest to clean the sensor otherwise you may get faulty readings. Use a cotton swab dip a slight (moisturized) in rubbing alcohol and then gently clean it. Don’t put it under the running water. The company also offer a handsome 1-year warranty. Overall the device is fast, accurate, non-invasive and well featured and also approved by FDA.



  • Can enter into a complete a silent mode and you can turn off even the beeps
  • It can store 8 previous readings
  • Audio warning for high temperature
  • Dual temperature scales °F & °C
  • Screen with soft glow



  • Placing it’s sensor flat on forehead is difficult and so inconsistent readings comes out. So take at least 3 readings.
  • When you accidentally press the button twice then it starts showing the previous reading. Then you need to restart it.
  • It uses 9v battery which surely lasts long but generally available from the electronics stores while AAA batteries are handy because these can be found in almost every shops.

7. Red Medical Forehead and Ear Professional Digital Clinical Thermometer

Red Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Here is new release dual thermometer which calculates the temperature and delivers clinical level accuracy. If you confused in selection either ear or forehead thermometer then you will please to hear that it has both. You can use it as a forehead thermometer or just remove the probe cover and make it an ear thermometer. The device is approved by FDA. Here keep in mind that it requires contact with the skin in order to measure the temperature.

This non-invasive thermometer is very easy to use and contain two buttons, one is to take the forehead temperature and the seconds is to take via ear drums. For taking the temperature turn on the device. Press “head” button and swipe slowly on the forehead then you will hear a completion beep. It will take the readings within a sec. It is advisable to clean the sensor carefully before taking the temperature.

The red medical device got an enormous screen on which it shows the readings. The screen light up in three different colors green, yellow and red for normal, medium and high temperature respectively which makes it an excellent visual alert thermometer for fever. Also backlit in the screen makes it easy to read the numbers in the middle of the night. Moreover, it is a thermometer with alarm and when it detects the fever temperature it will start beeping (almost 10 beeps) to warn you. Here we remind that correctly position the device because it is very necessary to take the accurate readings. For this the company also send a user manual which assists you in taking the temperature.

You can quickly switch between the temperature scales. When it off and the screen is blank then hold down the “ear” button until it shows the blinking units on the screen. Then again hit the “ear” button to select the desired unit. 2-AAA batteries (not included) provide the power to make the device operational. These are durable and stay for more than a year if used properly. It also has auto shut off functionality.

We think storing the past readings is a very necessary feature because no one has the time to write the readings manually. This can save 20 past readings to keep track the measurements. The red medical digital thermometer is a new release and few people review this product but most of the reviews are in its favor. And in our point of few the device is well packed with features with clinical accuracy which makes it a cost-effective deal.



  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Large Screen LCD
  • Visual alert for normal, mild and high temperature
  • Surely worth your money
  • FDA approved
  • It can recall 20 previous readings
  • Thermometer with Fever alarm (beeping)



  • It new in the market and so very few people review this thermometer, and that’s why many people hesitate to try this. But it’s a reliable and cost-effective thermometer which surely does its job.

Best Rectal Thermometers 2019

So above are some top rated, accurate and best forehead thermometers. We also pick some top best rectal thermometers.

Rectal thermometers are the most accurate ones that are available in the market. But mostly parents are worried if the probe tip goes deeper or also it might be uncomfortable for their child. But if used correctly these can draw very accurate temperature readings.

8. Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer V934

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermo meter

The small, easy to use and the ergonomic device made only for rectal use. It is a thermometer with probe that has a flexible tip which provides comfort to the baby. We suggest using a lubricant like some kind of water-soluble jelly on the tip of the thermometer probe so that it can easily be inserted. Place your kid in your lap with his/her face down. Turn it on and after that carefully insert the tip into rectum. It takes almost 10 sec to show the results. Never insert the tip more than half an inch. The screen has a backlight which makes easy to read the temp in the middle of the night.

You are very busy during the day so there is a chance that you forget the last temperature of your baby. VICKS V934 can recall the last temperature taken. Another feature is beeping and many users gives priority to this. When you insert it into the baby rectum, after taking the reading it will sound a beep which shows that the thermometer takes the reading successfully. Now pull out the thermometer.

The best thing is that it is a water resistance device. This is good and makes the cleaning easier. But why to clean the whole body of the thermometer instead of the tip. These are sensitive devices so we suggest you just to clean its tip. The Vicks thermometer uses LR41/SR41 batteries which are enabled to deliver approximately 200 hours for continuous usage. So no need to replace the batteries at least within a year. It will automatically turn off after 9 minutes of no activity.

The company claim that you can use it as an underarm thermometer. But we think it might be difficult to place the tip in the underarms because it is very short. So for a babies age of almost under a year you can use it for them. The seller also offers lifetime warranty period along with this well-reputed thermometer. By keeping in mind all the essential characteristics of a rectal thermometer we think it’s a well-featured device and most importantly can take the temperature with accuracy which is the ultimate purpose.



  • Display with backlight
  • Fast, Easy to Hold, Flexible tip and accurate
  • Beeps when complete a reading
  • Automatic shut off
  • Can recall the last reading taken
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Lifetime Warranty



  • Support only Fahrenheit scale but we think it not a serious issue just keep in mind the normal temperature level in °F and that’s it.
  • Not a totally waterproof as it should be.
  • Holding an unresponsive child for 10 seconds to take the temperature sometimes become challenging.

9. Clinical Digital MT-4320 Generation Guard Oral, Rectal & Underarm Thermometer

A multi-use device that can be used in various areas of the body such as rectally, orally and in the armpit. This is cleared by American (FDA) as well as European authorities (CE) for home use. The thermometer probe tip is flexible and reliable when using it rectally on cute little ones. This digital thermometer comes in a protective case which is good for travel and also keeps it secure from dust.

Yes, you can take the temperature by placing the tip of the thermometer in mouth, armpit and also in the baby hip. But honestly putting the same thermometer in the rectum as well as mouth seems rough.. of course you can clean it quickly because it is a water resistant device but we are not in the favor to use the same device rectally and orally. These thermometers are cheap in prices and anyone can easily afford a separate device for taking the oral temperature.

It supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius. When it is off, then press and hold the button until it shows the changes on the screen. Using the device is very easy. Push the button and turn it on you will see “Lo”. It also shows the last reading taken. After that when you see the selected temperature scale (°F or °C) flashing on the screen, then it means that the device is ready to take the temperature. The Clinical Digital Thermometer takes almost 15 seconds to show the results. Moreover you will hear the beep after the completion of each reading. Also it has fever alert which makes it a cost-effective thermometer for fever.

Like the many other rectal type thermometers it uses LR41 and equivalent batteries. Here note that there is no backlight. So when there is dark you need a light to assist the reading. But all in all the device contains all the essential features and also they provide the 30 days period for a full refund in case if you are not satisfied with this well-featured thermometer.



  • A multi-use device (rectal, oral, armpit and basal body temp)
  • Probe with a Flexible tip
  • Offers clinical accuracy and also approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EC (European Conformity)
  • Featured automatic turn off
  • Dual temperature scales
  • Large screen display
  • 30 days refund period



  • Holding a squirming baby for almost 15 seconds is tough and sometimes this hinder the temperature taking
  • No light up screen. But the screen size in large enough to ready the temperature easily. But in the dark you need a light to see the readings
  • Sometimes shows 1 to 2 degree below the actual temperature

10. Safety1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer TH035

Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer

The safety 1st rectal thermometer can take pretty accurate temperature i.e core temperature of the body. It can take the readings in both F and C. When the device is off just hold down the button until it shows the activated unit. Now again press the button to change it. This thermometer runs on the LR41 battery which stays long and you can take almost 2000 readings. Moreover, it is very east to hold in hand.

Unlike to the forehead thermometers this device will take some time to take the temperature. It got a flexible tip. Use some lubricant on the tip before inserting into the kid bump. It takes almost 8 seconds to measure the temperature properly and display it on the screen. The company also put the insertion guard to avoid over insertion. Moreover don’t forget to read the user manual which is necessary to take the careful and accurate readings.

Saftey 1st TH035 ranges between 90.0°F – 107.0°F. If it detects the temperature below or above this range you will see “ERR” on the screen. The device store the last reading. Whenever you turn it on for taking the new temperature it will show the previous one. Also, it will automatically shut down when unused for approximately 10 minutes.

Safety 1st gentle read rectal thermometer is a very cheap and so can easily be replaced with a forehead thermometer when your baby grows up (more than 3 year age) because the older kids did not like this type of thermometers. It is very necessary to clean it before and after every use. Simply wash its tip of 1-inch with water and soap. The company also offer a 1-year warranty. Overall the thermometer is fast and provides reliable and consistent results.



  • Very Accurate and deliver core temperature
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible tip with insertion guard
  • Support both °F and °C units
  • Beeping after completion of reading
  • 30 days refund period



  • No backlight in the screen
  • We favor AAA batteries because these are easily available but this one used LR41. Moreover, carefully throw the old ones when replacing the batteries and keep them away from the Childers

Final Words

So what thermometer is best to use Rectal or Forehead? We suggest a rectal thermometer for babies of age less than 3-year because these are most accurate ones. The older kids (more than 3 year age) won’t let the rectal thermometer to use on them. So for older kids the best forehead thermometer is great because these are reliable and suitable for everyone.

For rectal we recommend Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer because it got all the essential of a good rectal thermometer such as a backlight display, flexible tip and beep when the reading was taken etc. Moreover it very cheap. So if the rectal method is reliable for you and your kid then use this one.

A Forehead thermometer is gladly welcome from everyone. If the rectal thermometer is uncomfortable for you then select the best forehead thermometer because these also provide accuracy and satisfactory results and that’s why being used by many Pediatricians. We recommend Clinical GM-200F Forehead Thermometer. It is pretty accurate, FDA-approved, silent mode option, dual temperature scales and has a back light. Moreover, using this is very easy.

So these are our recommendations made by keeping in mind the main customer preferences. You can freely pick the device as per your preferences and budget from the above best forehead thermometers 2019 list because preferences changes from person to person.

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