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Top 10 Best Laptops for Adobe Illustrator 2018

Graphics designing softwares demands powerful system hardware to run smoothly, that’s why whenever you decide to buy a good laptop for Adobe Illustrator, you should thoroughly research and choose one built with massive RAM, high speed processor, and graphics unit for faster rendering. As Illustrator used for designing, so having a dedicated GPU ensure smooth […]

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Best Laptop for Hacking 2018 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Searching a good laptop for hacking requires you to think carefully and decide on a machine that holds sufficient resources that can run multiple programs and tools without any lagging. The task such as running a password cracking tools, scanning network, tunneling protocols, gaining access, coding, running virtual machines etc. consume a plethora of resources. You may […]

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Best Thermal Pastes 2018 (October Updated)

Do you know a CPU/GPU running at high-temperature results decrease in performance? So for an ideal performance, you need to make sure that the heat conduct through CPU or GPU to heatsink/cooler. For heat conduction, you need to apply the thermal grease on the processor. Buying not only a better quality thermal compound is imperative but also […]

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Best Laptop for AutoCAD and SolidWorks 2018: Pick the Perfect Cad Computer

Choosing the “best laptop for AutoCAD 2018” requires a little bit different consideration than a personal computer. AutoCAD is a power-hungry software that uses a significant part of your machine resources. So to compatibly run the massive programs like CAD, you need a workstation – a powerful machine compiled with cutting edge hardware which obviously […]

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Best Plasma Lighters 2018-2019

The windproof plasma lighters are the revolutionary product that comes really handy in a windy situation where typical flame lighters don’t work. Instead the flame they ignite one or two plasma arcs between electrodes with a single button press. They work in every weather conditions so a great innovative device for camping. Moreover, they are […]

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