Best Laptops for Drawing 2024: Most Recommended Best Drawing Laptops

Choosing a gaming or drawing laptop is not something that you can be picked without thorough research and expect smooth performance. There are literally hundreds of thousands of machines available in the market packed with low to high-end specifications.

So, you should check wisely and decide will be the best laptop for drawing and comes with enough bells and whistles to handle all of your tasks. We previously shared Adobe Illustration laptops, AutoCAD laptops, and many others for different purposes, so we suggest visit GearsDaddy to explore further.

For the sake of killer performance and no lags, while working with various applications, processing huge drawing files with dozens of graphical effects, and video rendering, we picked some of the most powerful yet elegant looking notebooks, however, also considered pricing factor.

After reviewing hundreds of laptops, we learned one thing, you cannot enjoy exceptional speeds with low-end or laptops cost under $500. So, it is advised to buy a laptop under $1000 or go for above – if money doesn’t matter to you and you can’t compromise on productivity as well as performance.

Things to Consider Before Picking the Best Drawing Laptop

Processor: It’s the most critical factor that you should check thoroughly and we suggest going with an Intel Core i7 or at least Core i5 CPUs which also support turbo boost feature. It will enhance the processing when you put heavy loads. Though you can choose a 6th generation processor to reduce the overall cost but select at least 7th generation for great results. You also prefer a Quad-Core CPU if use AutoCAD, 3D rendering, etc. or related tasks.

GPU: Graphics processor is also an essential factor, a dedicated chipset like NVIDIA or AMD will work fine. However, nowadays Intel UDH 620 integrated also perform quite good. Intel HD 620 is a potent graphical chipset that can easily handle almost all of your drawing projects except hardcore gaming.

RAM: The more memory your laptop has, the process it can accommodate without slowing down the speed. And of course will provide top of the edge speeds, data rendering as well as request processing.

Display Panel: Having a bigger screen (at least 15″) for digital arts or sketching is always a better choice. It provides a large room and more pixels so you can draw in-depth drawings of each and every detail. On the other hand, more pixels or higher resolution means, high precision and picture quality.

Battery and Portability: Last but not least, these types of devices (high performance) consume more energy and provide low battery timing. But, having a device that can enough stay up to complete all of your daily goals will be even better. If you move a lot throughout the day, then try to pick a lightweight laptop for drawing.

Best Laptop for Drawing: Enhance Your Skills with These Best Drawing Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro drawing laptop 2021

Microsoft Surface Pro is another top-notch drawing notebook designed especially for digital artists and professional designing projects as it also has “Studio Mode”.

With that functionality, you can sketch or write with a high level of precision and further enhance productivity by utilizing Surface Dial, Mouse, and Pen, etc.

You can choose from different variants including Core i5, Core i7, and Intel Core M with Add-ons like back cover, etc.

With its 12.3″ PixelSense touchscreen one can craft high definition pictures, draw, or make notes, thanks to 2736×1824 resolution which is quite good for the specific “drawing” purpose.

Keep in mind, if you need more graphical and processing power, the upgraded variants come with NVIDIA GeForce GTX chipset and 32GB RAM.

Our reviewed model shipped with Intel Core i5, 8GB LPDDR3 memory, and 128GB SSD storage. It has the standard Intel HD 620 graphics, 802.11ac robust WiFi module, and pre-installed Windows 10 Pro.


  • This is the best drawing laptop that can be used for various purposes like tablet, notebook, and studio mode
  • Compatible with Surface Pen, Dial, etc.
  • Sleek body profile provide ultra portability along with a great usability
  • A versatile variant list to pick the most suitable version with the required configuration
  • Incredible battery backup of up to 13.5 hours on video playback
  • Good speaker quality with realistic sound
  • Potent hardware in the size of a tablet dimension


  • Add-ons cost extra money, nothing is included in the price range even touch pen
  • 128GB might be insufficient for users store a lot of raw files
  • Though it supports multiple modes but you’ll need to buy the keyboard separately which further increase the overall cost

Dell XPS

Dell XPS laptop for drawing 2021

If killer aesthetics and top of the edge performance are your first priorities then we highly recommend choosing Dell XPS 9570. It is not only a powerhouse but also a beautiful looking device built with premium quality materials.

The precise combination of 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with DDR4 8GB RAM, and 256GB solid state drive provides fastest possible speed to render each and every detail of your drawings.

Its full HD IPS enabled display output immersive graphics, thanks to GeForce GTX 1050Ti GPU unit which is also suitable for hardcore gaming. With that said, you’ll never face any issue regarding performance lags or literally anything else.


  • Deliver great performance and no lag while using resource hungry drawing softwares
  • Powerful graphics processor can render graphical effects seamlessly
  • Carbon fiber feels awesome while typing
  • Excellent key-to-key distance and travel
  • Large touchpad to allow access to each corner of your screen
  • 400-nits, 100% sRGB display screen
  • High portability with just 1.8 kg weight
  • Anti-glare screen help you stay productive in daylight or lit rooms
  • Multiple external ports even with the minimalistic body profile


  • Quite expensive but worth it
  • You might face low battery timing but it could perform better when the latest BIOS update installed

HP Pavilion 15

HP Pavilion 15 good laptops for drawing

HP Pavilion is one of the best laptops for drawing we can recommend without any doubt if you’re looking for a high performance machine. That’s the only reason we mentioned it in many of our posts.

On the other hand, Pavilion 15 is also an affordable option to enjoy lag-free speeds while using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, AutoCAD, or animation softwares.

It shipped with an 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor which not only faster but also energy efficient.

The inclusion of a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 4GB graphics chipset is what makes it an excellent drawing laptop. And SSD storage retrieves the data faster compared to HDD.


  • Dedicated graphics unit allow crafting detailed drawings on resource intensive softwares
  • Bigger full HD IPS ready display, so one can create sketches with high resolution
  • Ultrafast SSD deliver smooth experience no matter how many tasks are running
  • Giant RAM can cache more queries and perform better
  • Various ports for external devices and peripherals
  • Energy efficient processor as it belongs to Intel “U” series which means better battery timing
  • Quad-Core potent CPU is highly suitable for animation rendering and AutoCAD, etc.
  • Best laptop for blogging too because of an ergonomic keyboard with backlit and numeric pad


  • A bit heavier at 4.67lbs / 2.11kg and might be an issue regarding portability

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro best computer for drawing

Apple MacBook Pro is the most expensive but best of the best laptop for drawing mentioned here but Apple is well known because of high pricing tags. However, if you don’t mind spending a lot of money to get a notebook that can handle all of your tasks alongside multitasking, then we would recommend buying MacBook Pro.

You will not face performance issues during multitasking no matter how many apps are running in the background or actively. The power beast Intel Core i7 processor coupled with 16GB RAM, 2TB Flash storage, and Touch Bar to deliver ultimate speed and usability.

Touch Bar helps you pick specific features according to currently running software such as Photoshop allows quick access to different brush strokes, etc.


  • Quad-Core processor can easily accommodate resource intensive tasks
  • Multiple super fast Type-C ports
  • Stunning Retina 15.4″ display with 2880×1800 resolution
  • Dedicated graphics chipset having 4GB memory
  • Excellent 10 hours battery backup, so you can work throughout the whole day
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID makes many things easier such as unlocking, paying online, and much more
  • Huge RAM so it delivers smooth experience when you deal with multiple browser tabs


  • Its keyboard is quite uncomfortable because of Apple’s butterfly mechanism
  • It should be not that expensive as it is
  • No USB-Type A or HDMI ports at all, you’ll need an adopter/connector

Dell Inspiron 17″

Dell Inspiron 17 best drawing laptop 2021

Having a large canvas for drawing no matter you’re working on a tablet, laptop, or a simple paper is always better. It provides more space to draw and helps to design high detail-rich sketches.

So, here is Dell Inspiron 17 which shipped with a bigger display screen and outputs full HD resolution with LED-backlit technology alongside anti-glare coating. That said, one can take benefits even in sunlight or in cafes without suffering.

The powerful 8th generation Intel Core i7-8550U CPU combined with 8GB Ram and AMD Radeon 530 GPU to provide the smooth experience. You can create countless layers or use dozens of effects, it won’t stall or freezes.

With platinum silver exterior, it packed with two storage options; 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, so drawing artists can store a lot of data without getting out of space any time soon.


  • In our assessments, Dell Inspiron 17 is the most affordable machines that bring potent internal specs
  • Elegant aesthetics and top built quality
  • It does have optical DVD RW drive
  • Windows 10 pre-installed
  • There are many ports for peripherals
  • Ergonomic keyboard design and perfect space between keys
  • CinemaSound and CinemaStream options for immersive sound quality


  • You might found it a bit massive at 6.15 pounds
  • Due to the large display and body dimension, you’ll need to compromise on portability but still doable


MSI GV62 best laptops for drawing and designers

Just look at the MSI GV62 design, its aesthetics, built quality, brushed tactical back cover, and more importantly, SteelSeries red backlit enabled keys. The crimson red edge glow keys do allow multi-key input which means full control over your games thus achieve more success than your competitors.

Basically, GV62 is a gaming laptop but also highly suitable for in-depth drawings as well as sketches. It packs with the super fast 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H processor which is paired with the GTX 1050Ti graphics unit, and 8GB of DDR4 Ram.

For further performance improvement, a 16GB Intel Optane storage combined with 1TB hard disk drive so to accelerate your laptop speed while running multiple apps, hardcore games, rendering videos while editing.

When we talk about display panel, it has a 15.6″ IPS ready full HD screen with MSI’s NTSC display technology.

The laptop does have an elegant cooling system where 2 fans and 4 heatpipes are connected in a way to transfer the maximum heat out of the system.


  • One of the most affordable gaming laptops available in the market which is also great for drawing projects and professionals
  • Best bang of the money you pay, it offers the best money value and top class performance
  • Nahimic 3 sound system to ensure 3d gaming sound and better quality than ever
  • Quicker data render and read-write speeds, thanks to the latest Intel Optance memory
  • Red glowing keys with multiple key input feature
  • Superlative display backed the company’s exclusive NTSC technology
  • Different models are available so one can pick the most suitable variant


  • Though FHD (1920×1080) is awesome but having 4k resolution in this rapidly changing era would be great
  • No Thunderbolt either VR compatibility

Razor Blade 14

Razer Blade Stealth good laptops for drawing

Razer blade stealth is a top-notch best drawing laptop to perform any complexity of work. It can be a perfect work machine particularly if you need it for drawing and animations. The device brings you high detailed display because of its touch QHD+ display.

It runs on 8th generation Intel quad-core i7-8580U processor with the combination of 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. This Ultrabook is enormously expedient to carry because of its weight around that is around 2.98 lbs.

Along with the color-rich screen, backlit Chroma keyboard and fantastic trackpad, it is shipped with a 53.6W battery that provides up to 10hr battery life.


  • High resolution (3200 x 1800) touch display with wide up to 178 degrees view angle
  • A mixture of stunning aesthetics and excellent performance
  • The cutting-edge processor, SSD, and 16GB of RAM can run softwares like illustrator, Maya, Photoshop and CAD, etc. flawlessly
  • Instead of just white keyboard backlit it has charming colorful backlit with 16.8M colors
  • Support fast data traveling because of its high-tech thunderbolt 3 port. There are also USB and HDMI ports.
  • Holds one of the best trackpads with accuracy
  • Around 0.95” thickness and 1.35kg / 2.98 weigh is great if you travel frequently with the laptop
  • Finishing with aluminum chassis looks just premium


  • Compared to other ultrabooks, Razer should focus on battery life
  • A slightly expensive with such specs

ASUS ZenBook

Asus ZenBook cheap drawing laptop

Asus ZenBook let you draw your creativity on its touch QHD+ screen that deliver you a striking level clarity. This highly portable slim and lightweight laptop hold 6th generation i7 processor, 12GB of RAM and a discrete graphics unit that is outstanding for any drawing software as well as animations.

On the storage side, you will get a spacious 512GB SSD storage which is sufficient for OS and installing softwares to launch them quickly. ASUS Zenbook has aluminum finish chassis that not only look dazzling but also make it a durable that can withstand for years.


  • Quad HD+ 178 degree display provides excellent details for graphical work
  • Useful touchscreen gives the user an intuitive experience.
  • Anti-glare coating IPS display provides a bright color scheme
  • Multifaceted laptop such as good for drawing, blogging, and CAD work and even gaming, etc.
  • Backlit keyboard with good key travel and key to key distance that facilitates faster typing
  • 12GB RAM is more than enough for seamless web browsing and multi-tasking
  • Around 8-hour battery life
  • Just 0.8” thick and 3.2lbs weight – so easy to carry around
  • A stylish laptop with lots of power


  • Instead of just 2.5” drive it should have m.2 SSD slot which would be great
  • No type-c might be disappointing for a particular group of users

HP Envy X2

HP Envy X2 touch screen laptop for drawing

HP Envy x2 hold several qualities to be considered as an ideal laptop for drawing. First of all, it is detachable and can be converted to a tablet so more easy to use compared to laptops where keyboard flip to back.

Furthermore, with its stylus, you can more easily transform your conceptual creativity into reality.

The computer is paired with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 that has 2.2GHz base frequency whilst can turbo up to 2.6GHz. The 8 cores unlock the processor capability to receive and carry out the several instructions at the same time.

This convertible laptop enabled with 4G-LTE, 4GB DDR4 RAM, can provide you up to 19-hour battery life and particularly portable is surely the best deal for digital artists.


  • 12.3” touchscreen with IPS technology that provides a clear and bright view
  • Screen features with gorilla glass that can save it from rough falls and pretty scratch resistant
  • Because it is detachable, so you can use it in a position you feel more comfort
  • Amazing battery life (up to 19hr) while it can recharge up to 90% in just 90min via HP fast recharging technology
  • Comes with HP stylus that makes a lot easier to utilize its touch capability
  • 128GB of flash storage make it’s a blazing fast laptop compared to the laptops with HDD
  • To connect wireless mouse or keyboard, it supports the fast Bluetooth v5, compatible with all newest devices and offers more range
  • Comes with rear and front camera (13MP & 5MP) great for video calls and capturing


  • Insufficient SSD storage
  • Only 1 USB type-c – but it’s a typical number of ports in such laptops
  • 4GB memory is not sufficient when you have the habit of intense multitasking

Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300 high end best laptop for drawing

Acer Predator Helios 300 provides several features and a heavy-duty machine that delivers you the best value for money. It is a powerhouse that can run any drawing, designing and CAD software without any hassle. Helios 300 is designed for gamers, so it comes with sturdy hardware.

Its performance-focused Intel i7-7700HQ processor, 256 GB SSD storage and 16GB DDR4 RAM will let you do multi-tasking with no lag. Because of its 6GB GeForce GTX 1060 dedicated card, you can play plenty of games at ultra-settings.

Generally speaking, with such specs and price around 1000 dollar, Helios 300 is the best laptop for drawing, AutoCAD, and hacking, etc. that worth your every penny.


  • HQ series processor on board makes it’s a forceful machine
  • Features with IPS Full HD display (1920 x 1080) which deliver the accurate colors that are essential for artists
  • A wide 15.6 inches screen is excellent for drawing and designing
  • Comes with a 256GB SSD and an expandable slot for attaching additional storage
  • The keyboard includes numeric keys and edge glowing red backlit just look elegant
  • Dual fan system keep your system cool so heat won’t bother you
  • It has plenty of ports including 3.1, 3.0, LAN and Ethernet, etc.
  • For gamers, it is ready for VR
  • Affordable price tag


  • Slightly dim screen
  • No Thunderbolt port

Dell Inspiron 15 5579

Dell Inspiron 15 top drawing laptop

Dell Inspiron 15 is one of the most versatile laptops for a variety of use. It has a foldable (up to 360 degrees) touch display. So besides the laptop mode, it can turn into tent and tablet mode depending on you which you feel more comfortable for drawing and watching media, etc.

With this flexible laptop, you get options to choose between 13.3” and 15.6” or selection between Intel and AMD processor.

It is capable of providing the precise graphics and featured with expansive Full HD 15.6” IPS touchscreen. As RAM is one of the foremost parts for a computer that never lags. Dell Inspiron comes with enough 16GB memory with an expandable capacity of up to 16GB.


  • It is ideal drawing laptop because considering different styles of work of a person the laptop can turn into that mode
  • Don’t worry about the compatibility of the software you want to use, Dell Inspiron 15 5579 powered by 8th generation i7-8550U that hold 8 MB cache
  • 15.6 inches large screen perfect for more workspace
  • Touch display good for software’s like illustrator
  • Thanks to the energy efficient processor that help to deliver around 8hr battery life
  • Reliable backlit keyboard
  • Support wireless connectivity for internet and peripherals devices
  • Slim (0.8”) and lightweight (4.85lbs / 2.19kg) – no hassle while carrying


  • No type-c port
  • It should have more brightness

Acer Aspire R15

Acer Aspire R15 drawing laptop

Acer Aspire R15 is one of the finest laptops for drawing that comes with convertibility nature, and so the user can utilize it as per their convenience.

This ultra-portable laptop is an excellent choice if you are not used to work in one place. There are two variants of Aspire R15 where one comes with HDD and Intel GPU where the later one comprised of SSD and NVidia graphics and more expensive.

The laptop has Intel HD Graphics 620 which is quite efficient and capable of running any drawing application. In our opinion, Acer Aspire R15 is a decent choice for budget-conscious seekers who want Full HD touch display and convertible laptop – tablet, laptop, stand and tent mode.


  • A pretty affordable touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop
  • The 15.6” IPS screen is an outstanding addition in this laptop for bigger work area
  • Comes with plenty of port including 3 USB 3.0 ports and type-c
  • It has a built-in fingerprint reader for quick login
  • Combined with comfortable backlit keyboard and numeric keypad
  • A reasonable large trackpad work with precision
  • It provides you with lots of storage space 1TB – bear in mind it is HDD
  • It includes 8GB DDR4 RAM suitable for most of the drawing apps, but you can upgrade it up to 12GB
  • Slim laptop with just 0.8 inches thickness so easy to carry


  • Though comes with IPS but
  • Flashy screen so you may struggle when there is powerful energy source reflecting on the screen
  • 5.29 lbs (2.40) is slightly heavy compared to other convertible laptops

HP ZBook 17

HP ZBook 17 best drawing laptop

This product by renowned brand HP is made to run high resource consuming applications like AutoCAD, Solidworks or any drawing software. More the display screen more space you get to work on. HP zBook mobile workstation has a large 17.3” display.

SSD is a great addition to this laptop because it significantly diminishes the bootup time and quickly launches the applications.

Furthermore, it is equipped with the NVIDIA Quadro K1100M GPU which provides the graphics with more details. Additional functionalities include seamless web browsing, multi-tasking, and ports like the thunderbolt as well as VGA.


  • Excellent performer for multitasking and high resources consuming applications
  • A mighty 17.3” screen with precise graphics
  • Due to the matte screen, you will get a reduced glare display
  • Backed by Intel i5 processor which can perform the complex operations smoothly
  • Powerful GPU that belongs to NVIDIA Quadro series is efficient for applications and various games
  • The RAM can be expanded up to 16GB
  • It is a combination of old and new technologies like it has an optical drive and VGA port while it also has Thunderbolt and DisplayPort.
  • For video communication, it has a built-in webcam
  • Overall it’s like an all-purpose laptop for professional work


  • It is heavy
  • Well-packed except the battery life

ASUS VivoBook Pro

ASUS VivoBook Pro best drawing laptop

Well if you are searching for a drawing solution with impressive hardware in a compact body, ASUS VivoBook pro is the laptop you should go for. The remarkable part is the inclusion of a 4K touchscreen and brilliant i7-7700HQ processor.

Furthermore, 256GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and 4GB GeForce GTX 1050 graphics make this laptop a powerhouse that can run any drawing application smoothly and most of the games at decent frame rates.

So this slim and highly portable laptop is not only an outstanding choice for people who want to draw on the computer but a fantastic device for hacking and AutoCAD like softwares.


  • UHD 4K touchscreen provides the remarkable user display
  • 72% NTSC widescreen offers an impressive color gamut
  • For lag-free experience, on the board, it is fitted with a 7th generation i7-7700HQ processor
  • Keyboard includes numeric keys and backlit
  • Contain a powerful 10 series GPU GeForce GTX 1050
  • You will not have to worry about storage as it contains 1TB HDD along with 256GB SSD
  • ASUS add their fast recharging technology that can recharge the battery up to 60% in approx. 49min.
  • A solid build, beautiful looking laptop with decent sound quality
  • This stylish laptop includes fingerprint sensor so no need to enter the password
  • Compared to the specs and price its worth your investment


  • A performance beast but not great battery life
  • Would be great if it comprised with IPS panel

Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5 best laptop for drawing

The laptop comes with a Full HD IPS display and quad-core HQ processor for crystal clear display and lightning fast performance. It can be an ideal laptop for various purposes such as multi-tasking, CAD, hacking and drawing.

Acer Nitro 5 is one of the best money value laptops where you can customize the RAM and storage. The best thing about this laptop is its upgradeable capabilities.

You can expand its RAM up to 32GB and storage by adding both SSD and HDD simultaneously. Because of its dedicated NIVIDA GeForce GTX graphics, you can launch the graphics intensive applications with reliability.


  • Nicely built elegant laptop with decent shape
  • Chassis with line design looks amazing with backlit keyboard
  • 15.6” IPS Full HD display in such an economical laptop is a great favor by Acer
  • Ample amount of ports including type-c, USB 3.1, power off charging port
  • It offers quite good battery life of around 8.5 hours
  • 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050ti graphics card deliver you outstanding performance for games
  • The trackpad is quite useful with very accurate results
  • Offer you quality sound backed by Dolby Audio Premium
  • Very reasonable price – low cost compared to the competition


  • Somewhat loud fans during heavy tasks especially gaming
  • Color performance isn’t as great as it should be – dim display

The above-mentioned drawing laptops are carefully picked out for the best drawing experience and capable of running almost all applications. You can choose the one as per your requirements; it’s your call.

We recommend Microsoft Surface Pro that can be used in various modes, powerful and you can draw things directly on the screen by using a stylus (4096 pressure levels) by Microsoft. The stylus is not included in the box, so you have to order it separately.

On the whole, every device mentioned in this article is worthy and carefully selected considering the guidance of digital artists. Still, if you are confused simply post a comment below so our expert can help you out regarding the best laptop for drawing.

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