15 Best Plasma Lighters 2023

The windproof plasma lighters are the revolutionary product that comes really handy in a windy situation where typical flame lighters don’t work. Instead the flame they ignite one or two plasma arcs between electrodes with a single button press. They work in every weather conditions so a great innovative device for camping. Moreover, they are butane free and flameless hence considered friendlier.

What is a plasma lighter?

A plasma lighter known by various names such as electric arc lighter or electric lighter. By just pressing a button small plasma beams show up which are hotter than a typical lighter flame and ready to ignite what you want to.

Beside the windproof advantage another convenient part of them that you don’t have to refill with instead you can just recharge them. Almost every plasma lighter can be recharged using a USB cable where one end connect to the lighter while the other to any computer or perhaps the mobile adapter.

Furthermore, these butane free lighters are environment-friendly and approved by TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

Benefits of plasma arc USB rechargeable lighters

  • They are butane free environment-friendly lighters
  • Flameless emit no harmful gasses
  • Cost saving – no need to buy the refilling fuel or a new one in case if disposal lighter
  • Windproof and most of these are also splashproof
  • Durable mostly made of zinc alloy

Essential Things to Consider Before Shopping a Plasma Lighter

What are the single, double and triple arcs lighter? How many numbers of arcs should I prefer?

How many numbers of plasma beams or arcs a lighter have? It’s the most important thing to consider while buying any plasma lighter. There are single, double and triple arcs lighters are available. The single arc lighter contains a single beam of plasma between two electrodes and sufficient enough to light up candles or small cigarettes. The double arc lighter are most commonly used and are great for somewhat bigger things like cigar etc. While triple arc lighter is ideal for pipes etc.

single plasma arcdouble plasma arctriple plasma arc

Which arc style is more convenient to use?

Most commonly the lighters arc presented in a zippo shape or the arcs may appear at the top.

Because it requires touching (or very close) the arc to the thing you want to ignite, in a zippo design (A), it might be a little bit difficult, and so these are good for smaller things like candles.

On the other hand, the lighter having beams popped out on the top (B) are more convenient to inflame anything due to ample area.

How to recharge a plasma lighter and how long it can lasts?

As described earlier these devices can be recharged using a USB wire. There is no indication how much power remaining so should be aware of that. Usually, they can light up between 100 to 300 times with a single recharge.

For a safe use and long battery life plug out the cord when charging completes. Almost every lighter has LED indicator light which turns off when the battery fully recharged.

Types of Lighters

Soft Flame Lighters

soft flame

These are commonly used lighters having a soft flame – can’t resist stormy wind mostly. It consumes butane to generate flames and ignites via a wheel or button which usually located on the upper end. Unlike the electric lighters, these evaporate gas so not considered as eco-friendly.

Jet Flame Lighters

jet flame

Unlike the soft flame, these release the flame with high pressure hence somewhat windproof. These are fueled with butane, refillable. and can produce approximately 1,430 °C (2,610 °F) temperature. Such type is great for full-size cigars, pipes, and cigarettes, etc. and the high-pressure flame makes it usable outdoors. These can have one, two, three or four flames.

Plasma or Electric Lighters

plasma beams

These are the latest form of lighters and does not require any fuel – you can recharge them using a USB cable. It works through electrodes and instead of the flame. When you hold the button, plasma beam appears between those electrodes. Currently, there are single, double and triple arc lighters. Most importantly these are wind and splash proof hence great for camping and outside activities.

15 Best Plasma Lighters 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)


Number of Arcs


1. Tesla Coil Arc



2. Saberlight Sparq



3. Triple Plasma Lighter – It’s Lit



4. X Bull Electric Lighter



5. HaloVa Rechargeable Lighter



6. SmokeDaddy



7. HaloVa Hover Detection



8. Kivors Flameless Dual Arc



9. Oiikury Dual Arc Cigar Lighter



10. LightStrong



11. Novelty Wares 



12. Bolt Windproof Lighter



13. SPPARX Flameless Dual Arc 



14. Kivors USB Rechargeable 



15. Power Practical Flash + Arc



1. Tesla Coil Arc – Best Single Arc Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters

Tesla Coil is one of the top selling and elegant looking rechargeable plasma lighters built with a premium quality material. Its sturdy hinges and lid protect the arc area from accidental damage when not in use. Tesla’s this model has a single arc and can be recharged with USB cable. A single full charge provides 100~300 cycles or 7 days backup. Users looking for decent and stylish flameless lighter within the budget definitely pick this one.

Apart from pros, one con that should be mentioned here is “small arc area” which makes it a little bit difficult to light up cigarettes or cigars. But, that’s not a deal breaker because as soon as you bring cigarette near to the coil. After all, it only requires a single point of contact. You can use it in heavy wind situations as well where traditional lighter fails.

The best part is Tesla also has a safety feature which prevents ignition when the lid cover is closed. The overall product weight is only 3 oz, available in 4 colors, and 3” x 1.75” x 0.5” in dimension. Personally, we prefer to get “Gun Metal” color.

Number of arcs: 2

Available Colors: Gun Metal, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Espresso

Recharging Cable: Included

2. Saberlight Sparq – Best Dual Arc Lighter

Saberlight Sparq windproof lighter

Practically and ergonomically, Saberlight Sparq is the best plasma lighter available for smokers and home usage to light up candles, etc. Its uniquely designed body profile can be used with anything like cigars, pipes, cigarettes, and bongs, etc. And all of this obtained by placing the electrodes at the top of lighter instead of a narrow coil like aforementioned Tesla. Pressing the activation button kindles it so you can light up anything you want.

Compared to traditional lighters, Sparq has dual arc beams which of course, deliver double lighting power. One full charge lasts for 300 uses. The product weight (6.4 ounces – easy to carry) and aesthetics are stunning. You can buy Saberlight’s Sparq as a gift or personal use. There is also an upgraded variant named Sparq XL which costs extra bucks and additional feature like triple plasma beams. But, we recommend buying the basic version for cigarette smokers and the other one for cigar and pipe smokers.

Number of arcs: 2

Available Colors: Silver

Recharging Cable: Included

3. Triple Plasma Lighter – Best Triple Arc

Triple Plasma Lighter by IT's LIT

Tripple plasma lighter is quite similar to Saberlight but developed by a different company called “IT’s LIT”. The body shape and color family is same as well as electrodes module. It’s also available in 2 different variants; Double and Triple Arc. We think it’s not necessary to explain the differences between them. (You’re smart enough to figure it out :)). However, the later one is suitable for quick and fast sparking power.

It includes a beautiful looking box which can be used as a gift box. Other things are; charging cable and warranty card comes with the packing. You get one-year battery warranty and risk-free money back guarantee. Tripple beams are handy when you need an ample lighting space to inflame larger items. It works seamlessly in windy and rainy weather.

Number of arcs: 3

Available Colors: Dark Grey

Recharging Cable: Included

4. USB Lighter X Bull

X Bull USB Plazma Lighter

The xBull high tech is one of the best arc lighters that comes with matte finish design. Like others, it is eco-friendly and butane free. It has double arcs which of course more powerful than any single arc lighter. In such type of devices, safety is one of the important aspects; the xBull will not function while the lid is closed or it is on charging. With one charge, it can spark for almost 250-300 times which is quite a good timing for any plasma lighter.

The xBull electric lighter is available in 3 elegant colors; Ice black, Jaguar black, and Ocean blue. Zinc alloy constructed body offers durability so you won’t face any melting problem. For long battery life, they also put a LED indicator which turns off when fully charged. For lightning up just press and hold the cool blue LED button. The arcs electrodes are given on the top making accessible for cigarettes and cigars much easier. So xBull is a handy comes with USB cord and a cleaning brush packed in gift box.

Number of arcs: 2

Available Colors: Black and Silver

Recharging Cable: Included

5. HaloVa – Cool Lighter

HaloVa Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable

Before reading this, we insist just click on the above link and take a looks at the product. You’ll surely fall in love with HaloVA Arc lighter due to an outstanding and marvelous design made of zinc alloy. HaloVa has a killer design and most impressive aesthetics we have ever seen while reviewing dozens of plasma lighters. The blue colored light circle around the activation button on the silver body provides exceptional look. Not only that, it packed with an elegant box (just like a gift box) and a handbag along with user manual, USB charging cable, and cleaning brush.

Apart from the striking look, same goes for features. It has single arc module which generates the most powerful state of matter as soon as you press the ignition button. One full recharge takes 1.5 hours and empowers 300 uses which is more than enough to take benefits for a week or two. Keep in mind, because of the shiny and glassy surface it’s easily vulnerable to scratches. So, you should handle HaloVa electric lighter with care and stay it away from sharp objects like keys. Most importantly, insert the charging cable precisely in port because misplacement will instantly cause severe scratches.

Number of arcs: 2

Available colors: Glossy Steel

Charging Cable: Included

6. Electric Plasma Arc Pipe Lighter by SmokeDaddy

Electric Plasma Arc Pipe Lighter by SmokeDaddy

This attractive looking lighter really delivers the bang for your bucks. It came with some serious bonus that not just include the USB cable but also has its own dedicated adapter for charging. Moreover, it comes in a pretty box, so we think it’s a great product for gifting as well as for self-use. It seems quite durable and made with an elegant material.

SmokeDaddy offers the most versatile dual arc lighter which is also easy to carry in pocket. As the arcs poles are popped out, so you can use it conveniently for cigarettes, cigars, or while on camping. It can be used upside down with no trouble. Moreover, this windproof lighter can spark a full size cigar but may take some time. There is no choice of colors only black. Entirely, it is a useful device having a sleek and innovative design.

Number of arcs: 2

Available colors: Black

Recharging Cable: Included + adapter

7. HaloVa Arc Lighter – Hover Detection

Halova electric lighter

The Halova flameless lighter is just like a futuristic device featuring hover detection power display that means when you hover the finger on the LED display, it will turn on. Here some user may question the safety – it works only when the lid fully opened and hover the finger, i.e., 2 step activate process. Besides its impressive design and body made of solid alloy zinc, it has pretty handsome battery timing that can easily spark for more than 200 times.

This classy device comes in silver and black ice colors. Moreover, it has a different shape than the typical USB lighters for lighting the cigarettes and candles. There is also a USB cable within the box that you can plug into your computer, car or any USB port for charging. The shiny look, advanced hover feature, lightweight and a different shape makes it one of the top-notch plasma lighters.

Number of arcs: 2

Available Colors: Silver, Ice black

Recharging Cable: Included

8. Kivors Dual Arc Lighter

Kivors Dual Arc Lighter

Kivors is another sleek and skinny rechargeable windproof dual arc lighter available in versatile colors. Currently, there are four colors to choose from including black, gold, silver, and grey. Silver and grey both are fantastic because of color natures and minimalist design – suitable for sober, adult and mature smokers. However, other two are also sophisticated options. Plus, its body surface is fine-tuned and matt finished which means less scratches compared to glassy devices.

Practically, Kivors is much easy to use and best electric lighter for bowls, cigarettes, cigars, and incense. The placement of dual beams pole on the end of vertical and horizontal edge provide enough flexibility to ignite larger stuff without any struggle. Nonetheless, you might face problem while sparking flat surfaces or pipes, etc. It has 800 mAH battery that takes 2 hours to recharge fully and can inflame upto 7 cigarette packs or 300~500 times. For enhanced battery life, automatic turn off feature also added to stop the plasma beams if inflamed for more than 7 seconds continuously.

Number of arcs: 2

Available colors: Black, Gold, Grey, Silver

Recharging Cable: Included

9. Oiikury Electronic Dual Arc Cigar Lighter


Oiikury is a double arc plasma lighter for cigars. Available in 2 colors (rainbow, ice black), it has a clean and slim design. The thing that makes it an excellent choice for cigarettes, candles, blunt and small size cigars, etc. is the arcs positioning at the top facing on one side.  So, you can kindle anything effortlessly. Although the beams are pretty exposed but it only energizes when the top cover is open and you hold the power button.

While charging its LED will indicate the charging and turn off on completion. It can kindle up to 100-300 times which is quite sufficient and easy to carry while camping, driving, or hiking. It can be refilled by plugin the cable into a car or any USB supported power banks. In the case of any inconvenience, you get 60 days replacement warranty. The simple, striking rainbow color, easy to accessible arcs makes it one of the best flameless rechargeable lighter.

Number of arcs: 2

Available colors: Rainbow, Ice black

Recharging Cable: Included

10. LightStrong – Electronic Windproof Lighter

LightStrong Electronic Windproof Lighter

LightStrong has cylindrical body profile, available in 4 vibrant and charming colors which definitely enhance your style among smokers community. It’s a newly designed and re-engineered model to kindle small to larger things including pipes and cigars more conveniently than traditional plasma lighters. The top position of arc nodes makes it dead simple to use no matter if it’s a cigar or candle. Additionally, two strong electric beams quickly burn up anything compared to single arc lighters.

You can choose from Fantasy Blue, Black, Silver, and Blue according to your preferences. Its ignition button located near to lid so users can easily open the cover and turn on the device with one hand – great for bikers, hikers, and drivers. Its battery only requires one hour to fully charge and lasts for 300 uses or a few weeks. Overall, the product aesthetics, built quality, life cycles, and unbelievable lifetime refund guarantee forced us to list this one on best plasma lighters.

Number of arcs: 2

Available colors: Fantasy Blue, Black, Blue

Charging Cable:

11. Novelty Wares

Plasma lighters by Novelty Wares come with a free beautiful gift box that also includes the charging cable. Due to slim size and lightweight, it is more convenient to carry in the pocket. The most notable thing about this lighter is the availability of 10 different colors, hence allow you to pick one of your taste. So, whether you want it to gift someone or for personal use, it’s an excellent choice.

The Novelty Wares lighter has nicely finished surface and ignition button placed on the side. Dual arcs make it powerful enough to burn up things quickly. One thing we noticed is it’s not suitable for cigars and bowls because of narrow electrodes area. Due to its corrosion resistant body, it remains sturdy after months of use. So instead of practical use for cigars or pipes, Novelty Wares this cool lighter is much swaggy and high tech gadget plus great for gifting.

Novelty Wares

Number of arcs: 2

Available colors: Matte Black, Matte Red, Navy Blue, Tactical Green, Wood, Black Spark, Gun Metal, Gold, Rainbow, White Spark

Recharging Cable: Included

12. BOLT Lighter

BOLT Lighter

Bolt is a butane-free (no need to re-fill) dual arc lighter available in 7 stunning colors and premium built quality. All colors are chosen carefully by the company to enhance your swag in front of your friends and the whole world which also helped it to gain hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. They are confident enough to offer 1-year no question asked money back guarantee which is something unique as most manufacturers just try to sell their products. But Bolt cares your hard earned money. It comes with multiple designs and a variety of stylish color schemes.

Two beam nodes located at the top produce tilted-angle (curvey) plasmas which increase the contact area compared to straight/vertical arcs. So, an ample contact surface means bigger items like full size cigars and bowls can easily be sparked with it. Its powerful electro-plasma technology capable enough to work in stormy and windy weather as well as makes it the best windproof lighter. On top of that, built-in safety feature prevents accidental activation when the lid is closed. Plus, exceptional but affordable product to gift someone especially when you have a limited budget.

Number of arcs: 2

Available colors: Black, Curvy Lines, Gold, Gun Metal/black, Gun Metal/Gray, Silver, Silver (single arc)

Charging Cable: Included



The SparkX is a clean and perfectly designed rechargeable lighter. It can spark up to 300 times until the next recharge. Build with a durable zinc alloy with safety precautions – it only works when you press and hold the button while the lid is up. This is great and eliminates any accidental event. Further, its indicator light turn of when recharging is complete.

Although it is a splashproof lighter but also can be used in stormy conditions which is great for camping. And of course, it is powerful to put anything on fire you want but bears in mind that you might face difficulty to kindle big things because of the smaller plasma area. Otherwise, it’s a nice device available in black, gold and three other colors to show around, to gift someone or something that can approach the beam.

Number of arcs: 2

Available Colors: Black, Gold, Gunmetal Gray, Moon White, Silver

Recharging Cable: Included

14. Kivors

Kivors 5 colors

If you want a lighter decorated with some design on it, then this one is for you. It has a dragon shape crafted on one side while the other one is clean. Its beautiful colors give it a charming look where dark blue is quite appealing. You can ignite quickly because of dual arcs crossing each other. It has a power button which is surrounded by a blue LED light.

The flip cap not only saves the top of the lighter from damages but also ensure the safety. Like other lighters, it doesn’t light up during the closed lid. You can charge with USB cable. The main downside of this arc lighter is its electric nodes are located close to each other. So, cigarettes can’t fit there although rolling the cigarette will ignite its edges. Overall it has a great shape and good looking to spark anything.

Number of arcs: 2

Available colors: 4 different styles with black colors, Blue, Chameleon, colorful, dark blue, Dragon Claw Gold, Gold and Gold2.

Recharging Cable: Included

15. Power Practical Sparkr

Power Practical Sparkr with Flashlight

If you love camping, then this one is for you. It is pricey than the usual USB charging lighters, but on the other hand, it’s also a 2-in-1 device having LED flashlight on one side and plasma lighter on the other. With an overall length of just 7.5 inches, it featured a wide light beam with adjustable intensity. Moreover, it has easily replaceable battery as well as the addition of USB recharging capability is a huge win.

The device has a single arc plasma which easily can inflame candles and gas stove, etc. Ignition button placed on the opposite end to prevent incidents while kindling things. Moreover, we really appreciate their safety measures; it requires three clicks and then holds on 4th click. This prevents accidental turning on. Power Practical Sparkr comes with 1-year limited warranty which is fair. So it’s a useful 2 in 1 gadget that is pretty safe to use and featured with waterproof capability.

Number of Arcs: 1

Available colors: Silver

Recharging cable: Included


How Hotter a plasma lighter can be?

The arc lighter can be heated up to 1,100 °C or 2,012 °F.

Can I touch the plasma beams?

No, you should never try that. Compared to the regular butane lighters it is hotter. Therefore touching it may hurt you.

How long should I press the power button?

As these devices emit the plasma beams which may also result in heating the lighter body, so try to use it not for longer than 8 seconds. Also, it’s a good practice for battery life.

What a plasma lighter have for your safety?

As these devices are meant to burn things, so you might be interested to know what safety measures these lighters packed with. If the lid is closed it will never spark even if you press the button. So at first, the lid should be fully open. And then you need to press and hold the power button. Also, many lighters come with an on/off switch on their downside which completely shut down the power. So you feel free while carrying in your pocket. All in all, every plasma lighter is pretty secure to use.

Will the plasma lighter work in windy and rainy situations?

Since there is no prolong flame but the plasma beams, so they are handier to use when raining, windy or inclement weather. Although, these may lose their effectiveness when submerged in water.

How practical the plasma lighters are? What things can you burn?

Well, anything that can fit between the arc poles can be burned. That’s why we always favor the electrodes facing upward like the Saberlight Sparq mentioned in the above list. A lighter with a narrow area between the plasma beams like Tesla arc lighter is also pretty useful for smaller things. For kindling somewhat bigger stuff Saberlight Sparq can be helpful in such a way to light up anything.

How do I know when the charging is complete?

Almost every plasma lighter has a LED indicator light which usually turns off when charging completes. You should unplug the cable upon completion of charging.

Our Picks

Best OverallTriple Plasma Lighter

Triple Plasma Lighter by IT's LIT

  • Triple arc plasma lighter can spark nearly everything
  • The cylindrical shape with bulging terminals at top is easy to use
  • It’s splashproof and windproof lighter – works great in windy and rainy situation
  • Good for kindling the cigarettes, cigars, candles, bowls and more

Best for GiftsSmokeDaddy’s Electric Lighter

Electric Plasma Arc Pipe Lighter by SmokeDaddy

  • Comprises with four poles – emit dual arc beams
  • Nice built quality and pop out electrodes makes easy for igniting anything
  • Can spark up to 300 times after a full recharge
  • Comes with gorgeous gift box, outlet adapter and charging cord – a complete package

Best for CampingPower Practical Sparkr

Power Practical Sparkr with Flashlight

  • Versatile device combined with powerful flashlight
  • Can be recharged via USB cable and easily replaceable cell
  • Comes with translucent cap that turns it into Lantern
  • Windproof as well as waterproof
  • Safer to use due to opposite power button and arcs pole position

Picking up the best plasma lighter delivers you several benefits like you can easily recharge them and no need to buy a butane can for refilling. Furthermore, these are butane free so environment-friendly. Lighters mentioned above are good to go. But of course, you are not going to buy all these. So buying one solely depends on your requirements and needs.

So which one is your favorite electric lighter or what you think about plasma lighters? We try our best to update each post regularly, if we missed any device, please suggest in the comments section below.

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