Best Drawing Tablet Gloves for Artists and Professionals 2021

Did you know drawing tablet gloves help in enhancing digital drawings?

You may see many professional artists wearing a peculiar kind of glove on their hand usually covering two fingers (pinky and ring). Also known as anti-fouling glove help to avoid smudging so that your stylus run smoothly. Because of your sweaty hand, the stylus does not work properly.

Furthermore, these gloves are mostly made with a smooth and elegant material such as Lycra so that to prevent the friction which typically causes while painting without a glove on the tablet.

Many tablets come with touch-sensitive capability like Cintiq 13 pro; there may be chances that your palm will interrupt drawing. So putting on the drawing glove avoids activating un-necessary functions. Most importantly, you can glide nicely on the screen.

Although with attractive benefits the artist gloves are not a fundamental part of the digital drawing. Yes, you can make use of your best drawing tablet without an anti-fouling glove. On the other hand, using the glove will give you an uninterrupted and better experience.

Some companies provide an anti-fouling glove along with the tablet accessories while with others you need to purchase separately. Searching and ordering could be a headache otherwise drawing tablet gloves are really cheap and affordable usually comes under $10.

While ordering a drawing tablet if it does not include “Glove”, it is suggested that to order one along with the tablet to avoid additional cost (shipping) which might occur when buying merely a Glove.

Best Drawing Tablet Gloves 2021

Huion Artist Glove For Drawing Tablets – Cura CR-01

Cura CR-01

Huion is one of the famous brands in drawing tablets offering both with and without display screen tablets. They also offer drawing accessories like gloves, pen holder, and stylus, etc. The two finger artist glove CR-01 made from Lycra which is not only comfortable but considerably diminish the friction between your hand and tablet surface. The lycra is known for its outstanding elasticity, so it fits well with all hands.

Available in black color, this is anti-fouling artistic glove works great with traditional drawing medium along the tablets. It is applicable for both left and right-handers. This free size stretchable glove suitable to almost everyone so you don’t need to to take your hand measurements.

Cheap Anti-Fouling Glove – AC Series 01 by XP-Pen

AC Series 01 by XP-Pen Drawing Glove

Whether pen display or pen tablets, XP-PEN always offer affordable pricing with satisfactory quality. Their two fingers professional Artist Anti-fouling glove cost approximately $7 built with the same material (Lycra) as the Cura CR-01. It may not avoid interaction of your palm with touch-sensitive screens as said by the company. As per our review, it works fine upto some degree, but when you apply too much force touch-sensitive tablet will respond. So it’s kind of touch resistant.

Furthermore, it has universal size and normally fit on most of the people’s hand. Also, it is absolutely compatible with left and right hand. So overall, it is better to go with non-touch sensitive tablets such as XP-PEN Star06, Intuous Draw or Huion tablets, etc.

Digital Art Glove – Mudder Glove – 01

Mudder Glove – 01

Mudder gloves help to reduce the friction between artist palm and tablet screen. This thickened digital art glove is made up of sophisticated nylon which makes it comfortable as well as smooth even if you used to work for hours. No matter, if you’re a left-hander or right, it comfortably fits on both. Because of the soiling resistant, you don’t need to wash more frequently.

The glove will not only avoid smudging but also useful when using touch sensitive devices. So either you are using iPad pro or a touch-sensitive screen drawing pad its thickened design will prevent any unintentional touches. Most importantly thanks to the flexibility that let us use it either by wearing on the right or the left hand.

Ugee GL-01 Artist Glove

Ugee GL-01 Artists Anti-fouling Drawing Glove

Ugee GL-01 is another choice that let you draw conveniently on digital pads. And like any other graphics tablet glove, it’s anti-fouling and efficiently avoids the smudging. It works great on all whether it’s a Wacom tablet, Ugee or any other. Wearing the two finger GL-01 is also great to lessen the friction between user’s hand and tab but might not be perfect to evade the touches in case if you are using iPad or touch sensitive pen display tablets because if your hand rest too heavily, the device will respond.

The universally designed size glove fits your hand unless you have exceptionally large or small hands. In addition, it works well for left-handers as well as right-handers. Made of nylon, GL-01 is efficient to reduce the friction and smudging.

Two-Finger Glove for Graphics Drawing Tablet – Parblo PR-01

Parblo PR-01 Drawing Glove

Parblo does offer drawing gloves with most of their tablets, but you can also purchase individually. This two finger glove does well its basic job and avoids the friction that happens due to sticky palm. Made of lycra fiber the glove is an excellent choice for seamless drawing. One thing, it is not thick enough so it may not adequately prevent the accidental touches while using a touch-sensitive device.

It is good against smudging and allow steady hand movement. You don’t need to buy 2 units as it’s compatible with both left and right-handers. So if you have a non-touch-sensitive device, choosing  Parblo would be a perfect choice.

TFY Artist’s Drawing Anti-Fouling Glove

TFY Glove

This anti-fouling glove by TFY is efficient enough to keep the tablet free from sweating and blemish. Available in black (classic color) – it covers two fingers and the palm. It works well for both hands so no worry if you are lefty. Besides the digital drawing, TFY is useful for traditional sketches.

Made with a sophisticated material it won’t cause any kind of itching and so you can work by wearing it for hours. It might not be the best solution to prevent needless touches when using screen sensitive tab because to avoid such problems Mudder gloves are better. On the other hand, TFY glove is compatible and allow friction-free experience when using an entry-level tablet like Wacom Intuos Draw.

Colossal Ship Women’s Drawing Tablet Artist Glove

Colossal Ship Women’s Drawing Tablet Artist Glove

The colossal gloves are designed for men and women separately for better snugging. The men glove size’s 8.07 inches in length while the 7.08 inches for women. Like most of the artist glove, this also cover two fingers and made with the most comfortable Lycra. Furthermore, its anti-fouling design avoids the screen from scratches and blurs.

The most remarkable part is you receive two units under $7 makes it a great deal and handy because if one got damaged, you can make use of the other one. Also, these are not for one hand which means anyone either the left-hander or the right can make use of them.

IDS Artist Glove

IDS Artist Glove for Drawing

Last but not least, drawing tablet gloves presented by the IDS are stretchable about 26cm. While working on the graphics tablets, you may be aware of that the friction not only consumes energy but also cause some irritation. So its ergonomic design allows users to glide swiftly and precisely.

There is no reason that why I wouldn’t fit in the left-handers so don’t worry about that. Moreover, it covers the pinky and ring finger along with palm to avoid unsolicited actions. It is almost 22cm in length and so fit well with most of the user’s hand.


Overall, trying a drawing tablet glove will give you a pleasant experience. Although the artist glove is not essential, but you will feel the difference when wearing the glove and when drawing without wearing. The listed gloves are excellent choices. However, we recommend Huion Artist Glove which is well-known. It is an effective solution against smudging and reducing friction. Furthermore, gloves by XP-PEN and Mudder are also unique options. Especially, Mudder gloves which are quite thick and suitable to prevent useless touches.


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